Global Trade and Competition in Smartphones

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Global Trade and Competition in Smart Phones Abstract The advent of smartphones in the wireless industry has catered with an amazing alternative to laptops and PDAs. Smartphones provide services like voice and SMS coupled with mobile internet applications, multimedia functionality, high speed data processing capabilities, and inbuilt GPS capabilities. The Smartphone global market is expected to grow drastically in the upcoming few years; however, it incurs a lot many competition challenges. These challenges are emerging due to the need for Smartphone manufacturers in maintaining a considerable market share in global trade keeping pace with the rapidly changing user requirements. This paper presents the trends encountered by the Smartphone industry during the past five years and also highlights the challenges encountered by the competitive market of smart phones. It also explains the role played by China in the global Smartphone industry, as it is considered as the largest producer and exporter of wireless handsets. Global Trade and Competition in Smart Phones (2006-2011) The usage of traditional PCs have experienced a drastic change and there is an increasing trend towards the usage of mobile internet utilizing 3G and 4G technologies and availability of sophisticated mobile computing services (McPhail 2010). The five top tier firms namely Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson dominate the global market of wireless handsets. The popularity of smartphones
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