Global Unification through Handheld Technology Essay

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Global Unification through Handheld Technology "Handheld technology: is it the greatest invention since sliced bread?" (Lewis 1). Whether or not these technologies will be remembered as one of the greatest inventions of all time is yet to be determined, but handheld technologies are definitely changing the way people access and work with information. Handheld technologies were first created to help make some of life's current tasks simpler and faster to complete. Two of the main handheld technologies are the Global Positioning System (GPS) and the Personal Data Assistant (PDA). The first thought that spring to one's mind when GPS is mentioned is usually that it is a fast and easy way to find where one is located. Similarly, the first…show more content…
Four GPS satellite signals are used to compute positions in three dimensions and the time offset in the receiver clock" (Dana 1). So, GPS was created by the U.S. Department of Defense for the purpose of locating enemies for the U.S. military.

Although the GPS was created for the U.S. military, ordinary citizens are currently using it for several other purposes. These were not initially thought of as being functions for the GPS, though. As Sam Nitzberg said, "The Global Positioning system (GPS) was developed by the US military in order to better effect its many missions. GPS can be used to effectively guide and provide navigational support to military vessels, combat aircraft, covert action teams, and missile systems. What was not predicted when GPS technologies were being developed was how GPS would eventually be incorporated into civilian aircraft systems, automobiles, personal GPS systems which plug into computers equipped with mapping software, and personal handheld GPS units for hikers or other recreational use. It is not necessarily always possible to work on technologies and understand what their ultimate use will be" (3).

Just as some of the current uses of GPS could not be guessed, the current uses of PDAs are yet to be determined. As was mentioned earlier, the PDA is a good way to organize one's personal information and

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