Global Views Of Privacy Paper Essay

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Global Views of Privacy Paper
Eddie Caraballo

The widespread use of information technology, automatic data processing techniques, the formation of global information systems, access to which can be virtually made by any person from anywhere in the world – these are the real characteristics of the gaining momentum digital era. On the one hand, the benefits of free access to information directly provide the realization of one of the most important democratic rights to freedom of information to citizens. The management of large-scale automated databases not only significantly optimizes the various processes of preparation and decision-making but also facilitates citizens’ access to the digital market – from the use of credit cards to the formation of a biometric portrait and projection of possible diseases. On the other hand, the widespread use of personal data by public authorities, businesses and social organizations significantly increases the risk of intrusion by unauthorized persons in the private sphere of a person, creating an infringement threat of one of its fundamental natural rights – the right to privacy (Bygrave, 2014).
The need for primary protection of human rights and the formation of the principle of the need of such protection was highlighted in the work of John Locke “Two Treatises of Government”, published in 1690. The author wrote that, despite the fact that a person in a natural state
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