Global Warming : A Climate Change

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Global warming is what happens when the atmosphere traps heat radiating from Earth out towards space. Carbon dioxide, methane, and greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere keep heat from escaping. As a result of global warming, the Earth endures extreme weather events, a hazardous rise in sea levels, and life-threatening shifts in the world 's ecosystem.
One result of global warming is that the earth undergoes extreme weather events. By definition, climate is the long-term average of weather over many years. When weather conditions become reoccurring, it would be considered as a climate change (Bradford). As climate changes, temperatures fluctuate around the world, spawning hotter summers and colder than normal winters, therefore, causing extreme events in the weather. The Winter Storm Juno that reached the eastern seaboard in January of 2015 would show one example of an extreme weather event. With huge hurricane force winds, Juno violently altered shorelines from New Haven, Connecticut, to Portland, Maine, leaving Boston buried in snow. Winter is a natural occurrence, but due to global warming, the oceans are warmer and the air above them is moister creating more snow. Oceans act as batteries, charging up with extra warmth as carbons in the atmosphere continues to warm the planet. As energy generates it expels itself feeding bigger and more dangerous storms, and right now, over ninety percent the energy in the ocean is from climate change (Stockton). Therefore, as the

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