Global Warming : A Serious Threat

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Henil Patel Global Climate Change: a serious threat There is a big debate about Global warming, whether is it happing or not. Is it just a politically created or is it real? It really depends on whom you ask. Politically, it depends on if you are talking with a liberal or a conservative. Some people believes that the whole concept of the Global warming is made up. There is not such thing like that nor the water level raising. This whole concept is just made up to get to the big corporations. In fact, according to the Gallup Politics, one in four Americans are solidly skeptical of Global Warming. But scientifically it is a very alarming topic. Scientist believe that it is really happing. This is not made up thing and it is destroying and effecting some parts of the world in the alarming rate. I believe from the facts that Global Warming is really happing, we have to stop thinking it as a political topic rather start thinking about it as an important topic that could effect our vary existence on this planet. First of all, understanding Global Warming scientifically can help people understand how It is effecting and is going to effect our planet eventually our lives. So, the sun is a source of heat and warmth on the Earth. Ice and cloud reflects some of the heat away and rest is absorbed by land and water and re emitted as heat. Because our planet is a closed system some of the heat escapes to space, and some is held by the atmospheric greenhouse effect. Green house gases
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