Global Warming And Climate Change

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Customer segment: Individuals Climate Path is an incubator that focuses on identifying and piloting approaches for conservation and climate change. One of the customer segments that this company focuses on are Individuals. These are men and women with a strong sense of helping the community and making a big impact on environmental conservation. Starting with the value proposition is important mentioning jobs, pains and gains (benefits) and for this customer segment it is possible to identify two types of jobs: functional and social. Within the functional jobs, it is possible to identify five jobs that are the most important for individuals. The first is the measurement and offsetting of one`s carbon footprint. The second is the…show more content…
Another obstacle that this segment encounters is how to manage an unknown platform and know if its real, transparent and that they won`t lose their money in a fraud. Alongside with the pains, there are positive outcomes and benefits to Climate Path for this customer segment. The First one is that by compensating their footprint with one of the company’s projects, they are helping and impacting in a positive way a community in topics such as fair trade, forest conservation, alternative energies, innovation and land use. The second is that they will gain knowledge about sustainability and therefore tips to achieve a green lifestyle and be a smarter consumer. For having a full panorama of this customer segment, is necessary to move on to the value proposition canvas and therefore describe the products or services (in this case mainly services) that the company offers. There are four services that Climate Path has to offer individuals through their website. The main services offered are the carbon footprint measurement, offset via lifestyle, conservation tips and training and donations for different projects in a variety of communities around the world. Climate Path found the way to alleviate the pains that consumers struggle with every day in this matter. There is a section that provides tips and explanation of the different technicalities of sustainability and mitigation strategies. As an example, Climate Path

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