Global Warming And Climate Change

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Global Climate Change Global climate change refers to the long-term alterations in the world 's average leading weather conditions such as precipitation, temperature, and the wind. In the view of the most authoritative climate watchdog, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the global average climatic conditions are drastically changing due to many factors. The body cites greenhouse gas (GHC) emissions as the primary of all the possible causes. The GHC emissions develop a glass roof that blankets the earth hence tapping and containing the heat that would easily escape to the space (Bradley, Keimig, Diaz, and Hardy). The assessment of global climate change relies on the changing precipitation and temperatures. Even though temperature stands out as a principal contributor to the global climate change because it is a chief determinant of precipitation, it is a product of the long-term changes in these two meteorological features. Different people across the world perceive global warming and climate change differently. The mere implication of this connotation is that the two phrases mean different things in the minds of many individuals. Scientists more often than not prefer the term climate change to global warming for technical grounds, but should be cautious about the varying interpretations that they initiate on particular subgroups the general public. Politically, some issue crusaders have believed that the phrase climate change is closely knit to

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