Global Warming And Climate Change

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Global Climate Change
Global climate change refers to the long-term alterations in the world 's average leading weather conditions such as precipitation, temperature, and the wind. In the view of the most authoritative climate watchdog, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the global average climatic conditions are drastically changing due to many factors. The body cites greenhouse gas (GHC) emissions as the primary of all the possible causes. The GHC emissions develop a glass roof that blankets the earth hence tapping and containing the heat that would easily escape to the space (Bradley, Keimig, Diaz, and Hardy). The assessment of global climate change relies on the changing precipitation and temperatures. Even
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Nonetheless, a survey conducted by the George Mason University reveals that the terms are synonymous for Republicans ("What’s In A Name? Global Warming vs. Climate Change"). Accordingly, neither phrase is more appealing than the other, even though in several cases, global warming produces a stronger sense of negative influence and more definite opinions of familial and personal threat among Republicans.
In the eyes of the American Democrats, liberals/moderates, Independents, and a variety of subgroups of men, women, minorities, different generations, and political/partisan lines, the two terms represent a contrasting opinion (Pew Research Center). In several cases, the variations in the effect of the two phrases are broad. These groups of people see global warming as the biggest distracter on the peaceful nature of the world. Indeed, their perception connotes that global warming is an atrocious present meteorological mistake as opposed to climate change. Besides, it emerges as a personal danger that can culminate into their families. As a matter of fact, these people admit that global warming is already hurting Americans and the rest of the world. Consequently, many people world over are joining hands to persuade their leaders to counteract the fiercely the global warming rather than the climate change.
Contemporarily, the phrases global climatic change and global warming may vary from each other in meaning not only in the midst of environmental experts but
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