Global Warming And Climate Change

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There are two terms that many people have been concerned about for many years now, which some people firmly believe will be the downfall of the Earth’s survival. Those terms are global warming and climate change. Although both terms are used interchangeably by some, they cover two different subjects that go hand in hand. There is extensive research done on both terms, with plenty of scientific evidence proving that both are occurring and are major problems. However, there is still an uncanny amount of people who claim that climate change and global warming is not real, and their reasoning is usually either unscientific or at times completely unreasonable. Their reasons are usually political, religious, or due to some form of being misinformed. This skepticism is a major problem because global warming is a threat and must be dealt with. Before discussing skepticism, it’s important to know what global warming and climate change are. Global warming is essentially the change in the Earth’s surface temperature due to the increasing use of greenhouse gases. Climate change on the other hand also focuses on the Earth’s temperature change, but does not primarily focus the effect of greenhouse gases, and is more tuned towards the long term changes of climate. Climate change can be studied through ice cores to show the history of the Earth 's climate by examining air bubbles that were trapped by snow and preserved in these ice cores. CO2 concentrations have varied between 180-330

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