Global Warming And Climate Change Essay

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Katherine Suarez Bio. Professor Agostino November, 29 2016 Global Warming/ Climate Change Global warming or also known as climate change refers to the increase heating of Earth 's surface, oceans and atmosphere and its effects. It is unknown who was the first person to point out the term “Global Warming”, but since the late nineteenth century geologist started talking about that increasing carbon dioxide by combustion, which could be the cause of rising temperature. But if talk about 55 million years ago the Earth was in the Eocene (the major division of the geologic timescale) during this period scientists say that the planet suffered a particularly warming. This increase was about 5 degrees Celsius, which represented one of the most significant changes in temperature throughout the geological history of the Earth. As a result favorable, the increase led mammals to disperse across the Earth 's surface, resulting in the evolution of primate ancestors of humans. But can we tell now that this increase of temperature rise is favorable? If we look back the cause of this global warming was the existence of hydrates buried in ocean sediments; if the sea is heated sufficiently, these hydrates (comprising water and methane) were thawed, causing a reaction which resulted in the appearance of carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas. The CO2 covered the whole atmosphere causing the greenhouse effect, and the first terrestrial global warming, which lasted 100,000 years. The planet 's

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