Global Warming And Enhance Indoor Environment Quality

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Since urban rapid expansion and highly developed, buildings and constructions became intensive. CO2 and Green House Gases (GHG), which have caused the climate change in urban areas, are emitted to the atmosphere caused by the increasing of building constructions. The temperature in urban areas become higher than the rural areas, which is Urban Heat Islands (UHIs). The phenomenon of urban warming degrades environmental quality and would further cause the global climate change. In order to create a comfortable living environment for humans, understanding the construction process which involves the building material selection is essential. Researchers have studied on the building materials and indicated that material choice has long-term…show more content…
Such materials are used inside the buildings to protect the structure. The indoor temperature rising or falling is determined by construction and exterior materials’ reflection as well as the absorption rate of solar radiation. Ecological materials should possess three characteristics—advanced, environment harmony, and comfort—defined by a scholar of Tokyo university (as cited in Wang, 2011). On the basis of studies on exterior materials, the surface colors and roughness affected the living environment conditions by reasons of different heat capacity of a substance and then permeate the heat through the walls. As for the color selection of exterior materials, choosing the ones with high reflectance of solar radiation and emissivity that are called cooling materials can remarkably cool down the building surface temperature (Santamouris et al., 2012). Not only can the outer surface temperature, but indoor air and inner surface also can be reduced by 8°C to 10°C. The inner surface heat flows could reach more than 30% reduction (Meng et al., 2016). That is to say, when designing the building envelopes, architects could choose light and colored materials--white marble or light grey concrete -- helps surface retain less solar heat. As long as combining with other designing methods, heating load can be lightened so as to save the energy and raise the comfort level. Additionally, the surface texture of outer materials which is related to the albedo
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