Global Warming And Global Climate Change

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It is becoming a less and less contested issue that global climate change is a significant issue. When the idea of global warming first burst onto the main stage in the late 20th century, a majority of Americans were skeptical. Many of the predictions that the original scientists made proved to be incorrect, and often the scientific methods the scientists used were faulty. Since the early stages though, the science behind global climate change has gotten better. We now have more data and better models that are more accurate at computing results and predicting outcomes. That and the widespread support of the scientific community has helped shift the paradigm of how Americans view global climate change. A recent 2016 poll showed that 70% of Americans now believe climate change is a real issue. There is no doubt that if the climate change believers are right, the impact climate change can cause will be devastating. NASA predicts that climate change will cause massive draughts, intense hurricanes, and the average sea level to rise by up to 4 feet. There is no question that all of these results would be terrible, the question is what is causing them? The answer may not be as simple as we think. Most Americans would cite burning fossil fuels as the sole contributor to global climate change. While fossil fuels do play an enormous role, they are not the only contributing factor. Food, yes food, is actually one of the leading causes of global climate change. It is a problem that
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