Global Warming And Global Climate Change

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The topic of global climate change has been a much debated topic over the years. There is no real scientific consensus on global warming. However, much destruction has happened to the earth that questions the scientific or empirical link between extreme weather and global climate change. There are a lot of events that happens around the globe such as floods, increased precipitation, sea-level rise, and hurricanes that questions the theory of global climate change. Without any clear cut evidence, it would be hard to determine whether greenhouse gases (GHG) and deforestation are the cause of global climate change. There are many researchers around the who use scientific findings to prove that there is a link between extreme weather and global climate change.
Korstanje and Babu (2012) write about climate changes environmental effects, they write “global warming has in recent years, begun to pose a global threat to all cultures and nations” (p.333). In their article Korstanje and Babu (2012) writes that countries are fighting global warming by implementing carbon taxations in hopes that it will lessen the effect of pollution (p.333). Currently, the country with the highest carbon taxation is Norway (Korstanje & Babu, 2012, p.333). Rather than overlooking environmental destruction, Norway taxes companies at high rates for their carbon emissions. Hopefully by charging companies for their emissions they will add less pollution to Norway’s environment.
Climate change is a
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