Global Warming And Increasing Greenhouse Gases

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With all the talk of global warming and increasing greenhouse gases, many corporations and individuals are attempting to integrate cleaner power sources into their way of life. Power companies are erecting huge wind turbine farms in order to harvest more clean energy. Other companies are attempting to lower their dependence on oil and coal reserves. Many individuals are even getting the “Green” bug. Homeowners around the country are installing solar panels to gather solar power to supplement their home electricity needs. Federal laws even give incentives to install solar panels or wind turbines. But in the State of Oklahoma, homeowners are penalized for installing these green power collectors.
Oklahoma Senate Bill 1456 states that the power companies can increase rates or charge a surcharge no greater than the full cost to serve customers that install distributed generation devices on the customer side of the meter, unless that device is owned by the power company. (Griffin) In other words, the homeowner is charged extra for implementing a green alternative to fossil fuel generated power sources. This bill took effect on November 1, 2014. The sooner we are able to diversify into sources of power other than fossil fuels the better off our planet will be and the longer the human race can sustain our lives on this planet. Oklahoma should repeal this bill because homeowners should be allowed to pursue alternative forms of power in order to safeguard the planet, if…
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