Global Warming And Its Effect On The Quality Of Life On Earth

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There is a particular association between the well being of a society and the quality of the environment in which it is situated. Environmental issues such as global warming, are harmful consequences of human activity that diminish the quality of life on earth. Global warming is defined as the rise in the average temperature of the earths atmosphere and oceans. A great cause of the increase in temperature is the greenhouse effect, created by high levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons and other harmful pollutants. Global warming was not considered an issue until the late 19th Century. For 2.5 million years the earths climate has fluctuated from ice ages to warmer periods. Individuals in the society did not seem to think this was a long term problem. Due to its fluctuating cycle and prior history, it was seen as normal and common for the earth to be undergoing shifts in temperature. Despite some scientists and environmentalists efforts, global warming simply wasn 't considered a public consciousness. Global warming sped up during the industrial revolution. This was a period in history that constituted of many economical, social, cultural changes and most importantly, environmental changes. The invention of new, faster and power-driven machines, replaced the use of hand made tools. As industries started focusing on mass production, their mentality shifted and many power plants and factories started using and burning fossil fuels, such as oil and coal. Although
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