Global Warming And Its Effect On The Environment

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Global warming refers to an incremental in earth’s temperature. Some believes this is occurring naturally but the prevailing view attributes climate change to the greenhouse effect. The "greenhouse effect" refers to the warming resulting from certain gases such as carbon dioxide in Earth 's atmosphere trapping heat. These gases traps heat but let light in, similarly to the glass walls of a greenhouse.

The general belief is that mankind are chiefly responsible for global warming because the largest sources of carbon dioxide pollution are fossil fuel based power plants in the US followed by automobiles. Although global temperatures naturally fluctuate naturally, the past 50 years on average have witnessed the fastest rate of temperature increase in history. Scientists believe that unless we stem the outflow of greenhouse gas, average temperatures could increase by 3 to 9 degrees by the end of this century. My hypothesis is:

Global warming is a serious issue caused primarily by human activity that is having a significant negative effect on the environment and by extension human society. If it is not stopped now, it will have detrimental effects on the earth’s survival.

In my research I hope to answer the following research questions:

 What 's the difference between climate and weather?
 What is the greenhouse effect?
 Are we experiencing global warming or climate change?
 To what extent is humanity responsible for climate change or global warming?
 To
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