Global Warming And Its Effect On The World

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The purpose of this essay is to report on global warming, the evidence available, impact and actions to mitigate the phenomenon. Global warming is the single most significant occurrence in modern history as it is bound to change many aspects of life as we know it today. The essay begins by defining global warming and providing evidence that global warming exists. Reports of increasing carbon dioxide gas levels, increasing temperatures, melting ice caps and mountain glaciers and rising sea levels are examined. The report also looks into some of the arguments against global warming and disproves them. Lastly, the impact of global warming on cities, islands, food security and biodiversity is examined and actions that can be taken to reduce the progression of the phenomenon discussed.
Global warming refers to a phenomenon occurring on Earth 's surface as a result of increasing global temperatures. Increased temperatures are as a result of the accumulation of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, water vapour, nitrous oxide and methane gas in the atmosphere. The greenhouse effect is a natural system that regulates the temperatures on Earth by trapping the sun 's heat to keep the temperature on the surface warm enough to support life. However, increasing levels of the greenhouse gases as a result of industrialization and rising population continue to increase the temperatures on the Earth 's surface causing various physical, environmental, climatic and ecological changes on…
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