Global Warming And Its Effects

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If the whole world starts saving energy at home, we can reduce global warming by a significant amount to keep the global temperature from reaching critical tipping points of temperature. The rising global climate is a problem, and is impacted severely by human actions, specifically the waste of energy in their own homes.

Global warming is the term used to describe the increase in the Earth 's atmosphere and oceans temperature, which is believed to be permanently changing the Earth 's climate (LiveScience). The temperature of the Earth 's atmosphere is rising because greenhouse gases are being trapped in the atmosphere, which in turn in also trapping heat in the atmosphere, not able to escape (Scott, 2009). Global warming is a severe problem for the Earth because it causes the regular temperatures to rise, and interferes with ecosystems all over the world, possibly destroying them, if not altering their system. Scientists have reported that the world is heating up even faster than predicted a few years before (Scott, 2009).

The global climate change is threatening the production of corn, wheat, rice, and many other grain agricultural crops. Global warming is causing a problem for humans because as the Earth becomes hotter, it kills more crops, and is causing a food shortage as the world’s population increases.

Humans are causing global warming directly by utilizing fossil fuels instead of energy efficient sources, and all of the energy that we let escape
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