Global Warming And Its Effects On Climate Change Essay

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It is no secret that the magnificent glaciers that cover this earth are facing negative repercussions due to climate change. Pratima Pandey verifies this statement in her article by stating that “it is the climate that is the driving force controlling the mass balance of a glacier in space and time, resulting in the recession and advancement of a glacier,” (Pandey, par. 1). The earth is getting warmer, and this means that soon, glaciers will start to disappear. While the earth naturally produces its own heat, the contribution from humans is also making the earth warmer than usual. James Balog and Extreme Ice Survey team explain that “since the Industrial Revolution, burning of fossil fuels has ratcheted up the burning of greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, which traps heat in the atmosphere (Global Warming). Greenhouse gases then go to raise the already increasing temperatures, which are causing glaciers to melt. This is a sad reality for the glaciers of the earth. The melting of glaciers can cause ocean and sea levels to rise, which in turn can flood different animal habitats and displace millions of people. Also, the melting can lead to the loss of freshwater sources to those who use reservoirs as a source of drinking water, such as those around Asia near the Himalayan glaciers. Lastly, if the climate continues to melt the glaciers, various different tourist attractions, such as Glacier National Park will no longer draw in visitors to view the magnificent beauty.
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