Global Warming And Its Effects On Society

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“Another important fact in Global warming is known for causing more natural disasters such as floods, wildfires, heat waves, tropical storms, and etc.”(Jones, 2010). This seems to me to come into place as common sense if temperatures escalate, glaciers will melt and as a conclusion, it will possibly make the oceans rise causing erosion.
“Therefore, stated in the article Greenhouse Effect, enlightened numerous lower regions, mainly experiencing warmer temperatures in their climates” (Losev, 2014). “By reading this article I absorbed that it’s just not any country, it seems to happen to underdeveloped countries that have the main effects because they are not dominate” (Kuczynski, Vidal, Li &etc., 2011). I have considered that a dominant society compared to none dominate culture will have the resources to stop these harmful chemicals into their society before it causes harm to their nation and then into others. Another critical factor of climate change is pollutions and pollen. “As stated by the authors, the rising temperatures can lead to an extensive season for individuals, meaning extensive allergy issues” (Todea, Suatean, Coman &etc., 2013.).
“In the article, "Melt or Grow? Fate of Himalayan Glaciers Unknown, scientist has stated that global warming is like a snowball effect, people care, but then reinforce greenhouse gases, which have been shown to make our earth warmer”(Harris,2012). “The effects of warming temperatures are actually taking a big chunk out of our
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