Global Warming And Its Effects On The Ocean

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The ocean covers 70 percent of Earth’s surface, and is constantly being destroyed by humans every day. Coral reefs are dying, big marine life populations are becoming endangered and over fished, and plastic is polluting and killing sea life. Ninety-five percent of Earth’s ocean has yet to be explored and there is still so much life out there waiting to be discovered. Something needs to be done to protect and preserve the natural beauty and life of the ocean so it will live long enough for us to make those discoveries. The decline of large marine life from illegal fishing and overfishing, from bycatch and plastic pollution, and from global warming and excess carbon dioxide is all having a huge impact on the survival of the ocean, and on the survival of human kind. Now is the time to raise awareness and to start doing whatever we can to protect our ocean wildlife and the biodiversity of the ecosystem. We need to keep pollution out of our water ways, which all lead to the ocean, and we need to keep global warming at bay so our ocean can stay healthy and stay alive. Within the past fifty to a hundred years we have drawn down the assets of the earth that make our lives possible. We have this idea, as humans, that the Earth is so vast and so resilient that it doesn’t matter what we do it, and that it will always be the same even after we are gone. Sylvia Earle is an ocean researcher, and she knows that the Earth is not as resilient as people believe, and that it actually
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