Global Warming And Its Effects On The World

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The world has many years existing in this galaxy and every day we see that is changing more and more but not in a very good way that it can end in the extinction of the planet earth. “Earth Hasn’t Heated Up This Fast Since the Dinosaurs’ End” (Lavelle). Carbon is growing so fast in the atmosphere faster than in the past 66 million years since the dinosaurs went extinct (Lavelle). All the presidents hold a position of power that could change this big problem that the planet is having, behind this problem there is other problems that are causing a much bigger problem in all the country. “By year 2100, the average temperature will rise by 5.8 degrees as a result of global warming. The Arctic ice is melting rapidly. By 2040 the region is expected to have a completely ice-free summer, or even earlier. Since 1880, the average temperature has risen by 1.4-Fahrenheit degrees” (Rinkesh). Humans are the one in power of this planet, they are often making some decisions, but they do not know if that is going to hurt the planet. Also, is because humans are selfish. These decisions often include manipulating the system of other country, how they work, what products they can make, how to get benefit from that country, and etc. Also, taking control and/ or credit over other countries work. Some countries are taking very serious the Global Warming problem, so the other countries want a prove of how are they helping to fix this problem. Many countries have agreements with other countries that…
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