Global Warming And Its Effects On The Environment

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“Global Warming”-TheBiggest Scam of Modern Times Global warming is the steady increase in the Earth’s average surface temperature. There are two sides of this story. Some people believe that global warming is caused by natural components in the environment and not man-made production of carbon dioxide, while the others believe that it is caused by man-made production of carbon dioxide and not by natural components in the environment. Global warming is due to the increased level in temperature of a climate which is certainly not proven that the humans are the cause of this global warming effect. To the ethos approach, this documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle by British television producer Martin Durkin presents a number of respected scientists, economists, politicians, and writers who dispute the scientific consensus regarding fictitious global warming. According to the narrator “The earth’s climate keeps on changing but there is nothing unusual about the current temperature and the scientific evidence does not support the notion that the climate is driven by CO2 man made or otherwise.” According to the documentary the speaker are very passionate about their experiments and statics. Their logical approach provides different correlation study of various graphs, statistics, and relationships between atmospheric carbon dioxide and temperature change. For example, according to Professor Patrick Michaels from the Department of Environmental Science University of
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