Global Warming And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

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Some people say global warming is caused by human activity, others say global warming doesn’t even exist. Some people claim that the climate is changing for the worse. They believe that humans are the primary cause of these changes, especially the increase in temperature, caused by the burning of fossil fuels. They believe that the temperature changes are causing glaciers to melt. They claim that the melting of ice masses leads to a higher sea level and worsening conditions for Arctic animals, as well as other negative effects on the environment. Others do not agree with this. They say that the climate is not changing at all and that if it is, it is certainly not due to human behavior. The term “global warming” refers to an abnormal, increasing average temperature of the planet. The average temperature has fluctuated constantly throughout the whole time the Earth has existed, but recently the climate has changed in ways it has not done earlier, as well as more rapidly than it ever has before. The natural reasons for the climate to change are still occurring, but with an addition of some thought to be caused by human activities. The primary cause behind the increasing temperature is according to NASA large amount of greenhouse gases being released into the air when fossil fuels are being burnt. The higher temperatures are said to cause for example melting glaciers and increased coastal erosion. The melting of ice results in negative changes to the ecosystem of the affected
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