Global Warming And Its Effects On The Environment

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In modern society, we are surrounded by a plethora of advertisements, and the problem with the ad overhaul is that most of them do not serve a purpose other than to sell merchandise to the consumer. But what if more advertisements focused on real-world issues? Issues such as global warming and the impact humans have on the environment. An advertisement by Legambiente does not try to sell you anything. Instead, they target the world to disclose the truth behind global warming. Alongside Legambiente resides Greenpeace, trying to get the world to realize the damage we cause to the oceans. These advertisements are trying to help change society 's attitude and understand that humans have a horrendous impact on the environment. Society needs to make a change in its daily habits if we want to have a planet to live on. Greenpeace is an independent global campaigning agency with the purposing of acting as a voice for the environment. To act as this voice, Greenpeace has created a number of public service announcements. One of which uses a simple image and a phrase. The image consists of the ocean 's floor. Aside from coral and some algae, there is no sign of aquatic life. Instead of what would normally be a school of fish, there is a school of plastic bottles, glass containers, metal cans and other forms of man-made pollution floating together across the ocean. Air bubbles surround the pollution and there is sunlight shining from above that indicates the area is close to the
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