Global Warming And Its Effects

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How would the population of the world appreciate it if the Earth got relentlessly hot in a matter of time? Well, this is global warming. This outrageous heat increase is something many think is microscopic and harmless, but it could change the Earth immensely in a matter of time. Made by human activity,global warming, including the burning of fossil fuel, and blazing down forests. Yet scientists can detect how much the Earth’s temperature is increasing, but countries can fix these problems by not depending on natural resources so much, reusing energy, and setting policies for climate change to help the public regulate it. The rising heat has been occurring for centuries, but never enough to really affect us until the boiling of forests began to take place. Built by the Earth’s spinning everyday, global warming, is taking place when heat picks up moisture and puts it down all across the globe. This changes the pattern of the climate (Is Global). Investigating scientists believe humans are causing this humidity crisis too, and that if places do not change their ways soon, life as humans know it may differ greatly. One process humans do too often that may come back to haunt nations is the burning of fossil fuels and other precious natural resources found on the planet. As stated from The American Spectator by Tom Bethell, “Environmentalists believe that the 20th-century warming was caused by human activity, primarily the burning of fossil fuels. That produces carbon

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