Global Warming And Terrorism : Terrorism

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Global warming and terrorism are two transnational problems that states face in the 21st century. Globalization has brought the attention of the entire world to come together to solve the issues of collective goods for the betterment of mankind. The effects of man-made global warming and terrorism - mainly suicide terrorism, are certainly challenges that call for solutions. When solving terrorism, states must invest heavily in homeland security in order to send a powerful message towards terrorist organizations. Cooperation and the ability to give up power and sovereignty from every state government to use the tools at their disposal at the local, regional, and national level is vital in solving such transnational problems. Education and…show more content…
Australia is an example of how people can influence their leaders to make a difference - a television, internet and radio campaign as well as over 250 people giving Al Gore’s presentation all across the country became the deciding factor for Australia’s Prime Minister to change his position on Kyoto. When states deal with international issues such as global warming - it’s common for accusations to be made rather than actions. For example, although the United States hasn’t formally accepted the Kyoto Protocols, they have been quick to judge China for its levels of pollution that rank the worst globally. Needless to say, the U.S. has failed to make meaningful impact themselves and rank second worst (Union of Concerned Scientists). States need to begin to work together and come to the understanding that the environment is a collective good considering everyone uses it and is responsible for taking care of it (Miller 2016, Module 13). States would benefit from a cleaner environment regardless of the sacrifices made in the form of short term negative economic effects caused by industrialization, new technologies and individual economies that depend on them, overall we would see reduced greenhouse gas emissions (Goldstein and Pevhouse 2014, 312). During his TED talk, Al Gore says “we can mobilize resources and political will. But the political will has to be mobilized in order to mobilize the resources” (Al Gore Module 12). When superpowers such as
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