Global Warming And The Depletion Of Non Renewable Resources

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Emergent Communities A Pathway To Net Zero Energy Kara Boboski Abstract: This paper discusses the issues of global warming, and the depletion of non-renewable resources, and how it has lead to the promotion of net zero energy communities. There are many benefits to achieving carbon neutrality, which will be further explored. A wide variety of clean energy is available, which can be harnessed and even stored for future use. This variety of clean energy no negative effect on the earth. Further more, this paper will outline 6 techniques, which can help in achieving net zero energy. Key words: Net zero, Carbon Neutrality, Sustainable, Resilient, Community Word Count: 1. Introduction Everyday the human race uses earth’s renewable and non-renewable resources to live and function. Some of these resources are crucial to life, while others are not. According to the living planet report released by the WWF, humans are using 30 percent more resources than the earth is capable of replenishing each year. This data quite clearly tells us that the earth is currently in a resource deficit. Although we are not able to reverse this matter, we can most certainly slow it down. The good news is that there are many different ways in which this ongoing matter of resource depletion and global warming can be moderated. Ultimately, communities need to be flexible, resilient, and climate adaptive in order to lessen the demand on earths non-renewable resources. The way in which humanity
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