Global Warming And The Environment

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Global warming and the environment are two topics that have become more and more relevant in today’s discussions. With the help of political figures such as Al Gore and the outreach of charities for help such as the World Wildlife Fund, American citizens have become more aware of their impact on the environment and the effects they have on the Earth. Not only is the United States concerned with these changes, countries such as England, Australia and Canada are joining in on trying to limit the causes. Global warming is an international phenomenon that was brought on by humans, has caused environmental and economic changes, and has spurred controversy between people and nations.
There are several causes and factors that contribute to
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The carbon dioxide becomes trapped in the atmosphere, forming a sort of “blanket” that prevents the radiation created from the sun from exiting and therefore builds up heat. These gases come from the exhaust of cars, the exhaust of factories, and even the clearing of land such as in the rainforest. John Houghton states “Human industry and other activities such as deforestation are emitting increasing quantities of gases, in particular carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere” (Houghton, 7). By eliminating forest land and decreasing our tree count, more and more molecules of carbon dioxide are being released into the atmosphere. By driving gas-guzzling cars or just driving for pleasure, people are contributing to global warming because of the exhaust the cars omit. Producing more products at factories also leads to climate change because of the carbon dioxide released from the production process. Another example of a greenhouse gas is methane gas. One of the biggest sources of methane gas is from cows who release it when digesting. According to Leslie Kaufman, methane gas has “20 times the heat-trapping ability” and that the average cow expels “200 to 400 pounds of methane a year” (A12). This adds up very quickly considering the amount of farms and cows it takes to produce the world’s milk and beef. While certainly not as present in the atmosphere like CO2 is, methane is still a big contributing factor into global warming as a whole. People are the main
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