Global Warming And The Greenhouse Gases

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Many people know that global warming is an issue in today’s world because news media and politicians always talk about global warming and the greenhouse gasses. It seems like an issue that is not going to go away, and it is going to stick around for some time. As early as in 2006, Al Gore, the former vice-president of the United States, said that the burning of the fossil fuels was one of the reasons that increased the amount of carbon dioxide, and he said that if carbon dioxide could melt the polar caps and raise sea levels if it was left uncontrolled (Vardiman 1). However, there are also those who do not believe in global warming and thinks that it is a myth. For example, the fourth IPCC assessment report found that the rise in…show more content…
while the temperature variations or anomalies have also been rising since 1860 with observation values higher than model values (Houghton 3). The significance of this is that carbon dioxide, temperature fluctuations, and actual sea level temperature have all been rising, and they have a direct relationship. It shows that this is not a co-incidence. A prediction indicates that if this same trend continues, carbon dioxide will reach to 650 ppm in the year 2100 (Houghton 4). Even with the best care and reduction in carbon dioxide output, the level will still get to 450 ppm in the year 2100. The temperature will rise about 10 degrees Celsius higher if we just let carbon dioxide get to 650 ppm in the year 2100 (Houghton 4). Aside from the increase in greenhouse gasses and the temperature, Dr.Vardiman states that “if global warming is occurring then hurricane frequency should be on the rise, and polar sea ice should be melting” (Vardiman 2). In this aspect, the data shows that the hurricane frequency has increased 3% in the past 150 years in the Gulf of Alaska, and the Arctic ice has melted 5% in the past 25 years. These datasets from greenhouse gasses, temperature, hurricanes, and ice melts show that the globe is warming which implies that
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