Global Warming And The Kyoto Protocol

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Over the last fifty years, different institutions, international organizations, industrial professionals and federal governments have been working on addressing one of the major challenges the world has been challenged to this day which widely is known as Global Warming. The Kyoto protocol is the well-known abiding playground internationally recognized as a global treaty placing obligations on developed nations to significantly minimize their Green House Gas emissions first adopted in Kyoto, Japan in 1997. Three actions are recommended for the UN to take up on: First, the UN shall bring all the major actors onboard to commit and work towards achieving the emission reduction targets by 2050. Second, the UN should engage in awareness creation to give more focus and special attention towards climate change policies at a deeper and wider level. Third, the UN is advised to lead negotiations to reach at a fair and equitable share of climate regulation costs
Problem Statement
Growing concerns and levels surrounding the climate condition of the world was vindicated by the late Peoples’ Climate March campaign in New York City on September 21, 2014. However, the main problem is sustaining the fragile climate change coalition and building on the current momentum to strike a global agreement by the 2015 climate summit in Paris. The coalition is threatened mainly by the multitude of actors involved and their unsymmetrical interests.
Strategic Issues
As a major
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