Essay on Global Warming; Cause and Effect

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Global Warming
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go a whole winter without even seeing snow? Well the way the atmosphere is heating up today you just might experience this kind of event in the future I chose to do my cause and effect paper on global warming because I believe it has a major impact on humans, not only today, but especially in the future. In this paper I am going to explain the causes and the effects of global warming and how it will impact our lives in the long run. Greenhouse gases are gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone, and play an important roll in the earth's atmosphere. Without them it would really be cold, but that does not seem to be the problem in today's life.
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The plants not only absorb gases ones throughout the atmosphere, but the ones created by humans too, such as fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are the gases released when making plastics and when producing other types of fuels such as gasoline, kerosene, and diesel. When these gases are released they clog up the atmosphere, which means other types of gases can not escape. This is also another leading factor of the world heating up and also leads to be a cause of the major flooding, all of which is an effect of global warming. The second most leading cause of global warming is aerosols. "Aerosols are air born solid particles or liquid droplets" usually found in hair spray cans or other types of continuous spray cans (Wikipedia). In these types of hair sprays there are fossil fuels combusted to help release the sprays needed. These aerosols are not only in spray cans but also volcanoes. In lava, that explodes out of volcanoes, sulfur is released. The sulfur then rises to the atmosphere, which destroys it (Volcano Hazard Program). Not only does sulfur rise, but also is absorbed by the ground which causes a natural. This is another leading cause of the temperature rise going on now, and is a cause of global warming (warming of the atmosphere). It has many effects such as air pollution that can cause many problems for people. These gases can be poisonous, and deadly if often breathed in. I have a perfect example of global warming and how it effects

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