Global Warming : Causes And Effects

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Global warming has increased significantly since the 1800s and is becoming a significant impact in our everyday lives. It is considered one of the most challenging environmental problems that exists today. Due to global warming, temperatures on Earth are rising and it’s affecting the way people live. Many people feel concerned about this issue while others could not care less. Developing countries do not understand the impact global warming has and how they should contribute to it while developed countries that contribute to global warming know that this situation is a big impact. Global warming is caused by a myriad of factors and as a result have negative effects on the people and how they live.
The biggest cause of global warming is human expansion of the greenhouse effect, which is when the atmosphere traps in heat radiating from Earth towards space and as a result causes the Earth to be warm known as global warming. (Randal, Shaftel, and Tenenbaum). Global warming is caused by the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which traps in heat making the planet warmer. Before the Industrial Revolution, “manufacturing was done in people’s homes using hand tools and basic machines.” During the 18th century of the Industrial Revolution, there was an increase of factories to help with manufacturing which dramatically changed human life and lifestyle. The steam engine, iron, and textile industries played big roles in the Industrial Revolution, which improved…

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