Global Warming : Causes And Effects

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Global warming has become a massive problem throughout the world, and as the population grows so do the effects of climate change. What people do not know is that it is the leading cause of the earth’s end and might be a minor cause of death in the far future. Global warming is one of the many things that humans have caused that has no easy fix. Professors Charles Kennel, V. Ramanathan, and David G. Victor at the University of California – San Diego say that “Greenhouse gas concentrations are trending far off the path needed to avoid dangerous interference…nations are making little progress…to cut their emissions” (398). The problem started back in 1800-1870 when the first coalition revolutions started; the use of coal, railroads, and other productions increased greenhouse gas emissions. This may have been the first cause of climate change and from here on it led to the effects. Now, it has become so damaging that it needs to be solved. Solutions need to occur because it causes a threat on the human race and is getting worse each year. The two solutions that will have the finest possible outcomes are putting a tax on carbon and using energy efficient products. There are many different causes of Global warming, and most of them are human induced, meaning that humans cause the problem or make a problem that was already there worse. The main cause of climate change is the emission of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere; this has unfortunately pushed into the
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