Global Warming Controversy

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Global warming is defined “as an increase in the average temperature of global surface air and oceans since about 1950” (White). The global warming controversy is an ongoing dispute with two main sides; one stating that the direct cause to global warming is through people’s daily activities and the burning of fossil fuels, while other people all around the world refuse to believe that human contributions are the main cause, saying that the earth is going through a natural stage of climatic change, thereby resulting in increasing temperatures in the earth’s atmosphere. Rising temperatures and in increase in greenhouse gases shown through the carbon cycle, demonstrate how the greenhouse effect is incorporated into both views on global warming. Over the past 50 years, experts in this field world-wide have been having an unaccountable amount of disputes over global warming, favoring in either of these positions of human causation or natural climatic change. Witnessing the change of the world from a global warming standpoint, there are many indicators and facts that support human cause. Three of the main sources that expose the causes of global warming include, sediment research, tree-ring research, and ice-core analysis. For example, according to a research article on effects of global warming, “Research from looking at sediment layering shows that the water level of the ocean is 60 Ft. lower than 400,000 years ago. Contributing is tree ring research, which shows the amount of
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