Global Warming Essay

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As the delicate balance of time moves on, slight differences in the weather can be noticed. Anyone can see that there is a shift in the balance of the environment; heat waves, hurricanes, tsunamis and the like are occurring faster than ever. Given the name of “global warming”, it is a problem on a world wide scale and only the cooperation of everyone can it be fixed or at least slowed down. With the heat of the Earth rising, national landmarks as well as complete ecosystems are fading out, and the only way to help stop this is to be aware of global warming. If anyone had the time to look into it, people could easily see what is happening in our world right now; glaciers are melting, lakes are drying up, and mountains are becoming…show more content…
Contrary to that, nations neighboring them have seen record rain falls and floods. To anyone who has a brain, these occurrences over the past decade or so should indicate that there is a problem in the world today. All is not lost, though. There exists ways in which the people can fight back against global warming and at least slow the entire process down. Hybrid cars, for example, would produce less CO2 from car exhaust. In fact, car pooling and using more public transportation effectively would significantly reduce any emissions. Recycling old products, turning off electric appliances, and using more safety-aware products are all ways to reduce the amount of pollution finding its way into the Earth’s ozone layer. With a little help and cooperation from everyone around the world, we could easily slow down the global warming process and attempt to fix any damages it might have

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