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Global Warming, also known as the Greenhouse effect, is a problem everyone will soon have to face. The people of the younger generations should be educated about what Global Warming is and that it is caused due to the way people are treating the environment. Planet Earth is estimated to be 4.5 billion years old, and life on earth has existed for more than 3.5 billion years. Humans have been on earth for 2 to 3 million years. It is only been in the past 200 years people have been affected by global warming. The last 40 years have been the most damaging. As the impacts of human influences have grown, so have the risks associated with those impacts. New technologies carry increasing risks, and the scale,…show more content…
Air is less dense here and not even sound travels well here. Carbon Dioxide comprises only a small portion of the atmosphere. A little more than 0.03%. It is colorless, odorless gas yet vitally important to life on earth. Actually too much Carbon Dioxide can be just as dangerous as too little. Carbon Dioxide molecules have the ability to absorb heat energy. The greater amount of carbon dioxide, the greater amount of heat absorbed. The heat absorbed remains in the atmosphere rather than being radiated back into space. The result is higher temperatures on earth¡¦s surface. There are many signs that the levels of Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere is increasing. This threatens the balance between the amount of solar energy reaching the earth. Breathing for humans consists of taking in oxygen and getting rid of waste gases such as Carbon Dioxide. Carbon Dioxide is a byproduct of many industrial processes, including the fermentation of sugars to produce alcohol, the decomposition of limestone to make quicklime and the manufacture of cement. But the main sources are the burning of fossil fuels and the destruction of forests. Because plants themselves need Carbon Dioxide Through photosynthesis plants absorb Carbon Dioxide and act as a natural defense against global warming. But there is a problem...people are destroying forests at an alarming rate. This deforestation increases Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere in two ways. One with out the forests,

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