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When a person reflects on the term global warming, they may perceive this term to relatively mean warmth that is taking place within our world. Warming that can possibly lead to potential threat to the environment and those amongst it. In exact terms global warming can be widely described as an increase in the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and surface area which contributes to the change of Earth’s climate, due to emissions of greenhouse gases. The fact that global warming has a significant role in our previous, present and future environment plans for some may not be for those against it. The purpose of this paper is to provide evidence that is cited for global warming as well as evidence that is against it. This paper will also…show more content…
Global warming maybe a vital concern for some, whereas global warming could be just a part of nature to others. There are individuals who distinctly believe that the warming of our atmosphere and environment is from opinions and not from mere facts. The detractors of global warming argue that the problem is grossly overestimated and nothing should be done (Pillali, 2010). These individuals do not believe that human activity is harming the environment. Instead, they perceive that global warming is a natural phenomenon; man has no role to play in it, only our environment is responsible. Another perception is water vapor plays a major part in global warming, it is argued that man made emissions like carbon dioxide has only minor effects (Pillali, 2010). Taking into consideration some of those opinions it is obvious that global warming has no effect as to why temperatures are increasing, climates are changing and why the environment is suffering. Understanding the environment and its effects allows one to contemplate about life. Although, every individual is entitled to their own opinion, each individual is also responsible for their actions. Global warming affects those who are for it and it has no effect on those who are against it. For those who believe that global warming affects society it is an obligation to ensure that the emission of greenhouse

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