Global Warming Essay

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Global Warming

The issue is extremely interesting, scary and a bit of a shock as to how much we have abused and taken advantage of this Earth. First of all, it is important to know that the "greenhouse effect" is not a bad thing in itself. In fact, this planet would be a life-less waste land without its natural greenhousing.

There are a collection of gases called "greenhouse gases," which are water vapor, carbine dioxide, ozone, methane, nitrous oxide, and chlorofluorocarbons (CFC). Without the natural greenhouse effect, the surface temperature of our planet would be an average of -18°C (zero degrees F). The mixture of these gases have remained pretty much stable over the centuries and have kept us all living. But here we are in the
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We have disturbed it. The human production of greenhouse gas producing chemicals is what is disturbing it. This production by humans of these particular gases linger in our atmosphere for many years and they burn up our protective ozone blanket faster than it can rebuild itself.

Our ozone blocks out most of the killer radiation rays from our sun. Ozone is a molecule with just three Oxygen atoms. It is created when UV light reacts with oxygen gas, which has two Oxygen atoms. UV light also destroys ozone, so you need just the right mix of UV light and oxygen to get an ozone layer. For the last 450 million years, our ozone has been our sunscreen. Chemicals that we use in daily life produce ozone-eating atoms when they reach the stratosphere and are exposed to intense UV rays. Chemicals such as CFC's are too un-reactive to be removed and they rise slowly, taking 10-20 years to make the journey up to the stratosphere. Once there, the high UV rays breaks down the atoms into chlorine atoms which speeds up the breakdown of ozone (O3) into O2 and O. Each of these molecules last from 65-110 years and each one can convert up to 100,000 molecules of O3 to O2. These guys in turn, are the ozone terminators, and they are not even the only ones.

Over Antarctica there is a gaping ozone hole measuring about three times of the U.S. in size. What has happened is during their sunless winter, winds blow steadily in a circular pattern over the earth's poles, which creates huge swirling

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