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Global warming extremists want us to believe that as global temperatures rise, so do chances of complete extinction of entire species. Natural disasters will become more common, whole continents could one day be under water, and death rates could be at an all time high. This may seem like a bad science fiction novel, but in some ways they might actually be right. At the very least global warming can and will effect humans living in nearly every region. From those living on the coast, to those living in the Artic plains no area of our planet is safe from global warming. Understanding that global warming is a reality, how it occurs, and what we can do to stop it is vital to the survival of every living creature on this planet. Global …show more content…
According to a 2009 study from the University of Illinois the vast majority of the Earth scientists participating in their survey agree that the Earth’s temperature is rising and that human activity is a major reason for this. In fact no scientific body with any national or international standing has taken a public stand against the scientific assertion that global warming is taking place and that this is mainly due to human influences, yet some still question one of they key issues of our age.
Global warming has caused much controversy and scepticism since it was first suggested. One of the most common arguments that global warming is not taking place is that previous temperature records are inaccurate, or incorrect. This has lead opponents of global warming to the conclusion that we do not have enough scientific evidence to prove the existence of global warming. This is often called the hockey stick debate, based on the hockey stick graph that records all of temperature data. However while this argument may appear to have merit subsequent studies using all available proxy records and statistical records show time that the hockey-stick graph is actually quite accurate.
Though it may seem like there can be no possible benefits to this global disaster many people actually believe there may be. Another popular argument that global warming is not a threat is that global warming has stopped and the earth is in fact

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