Global Warming-Fact or Fiction

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Global Warming - Fact or Fiction? - Speech

The Earth is rapidly heating up or is it? If it is, the next few decades may witness Biblical scenes of rising temperatures, crop failures, flooding and the extinction of different species. On the other hand, increases of Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere may well encourage plants and trees to thrive like never before. Whom can you believe? One thing is certain the debate on climate change and Global Warming is heating up. It is surely right for us to take the concerns seriously even if we cannot yet be sure of the truth.
Climate change on our planet is nothing new. As far as we can make out, it has been going on for millions of years. Our world is different to the world inhabited by
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A warmer atmosphere may exacerbate food shortages; pose a threat to water supplies and soil stability.
How do we know this? Well the truth is we don 't for sure. We suspect it. We have devised computer-generated models to estimate what the probable effects of global warming will be. The trouble with estimates and models is they tend to be inaccurate and sometimes have been proved plainly wrong. Even NASA, who claim to have an almost accurate predictor, allow that nobody can possibly know what the side effects and changes will be. It can only ever be a possibility.
Studies can show just as effectively that temperatures on the ice-caps are constant and evening some cases dropping. Besides this there is ample evidence to show that the poles were once fertile lands. The fact is our planet has always changed and fluctuations in temperature have always happened. Despite the fears of our warming to extinction, we have not even yet reached the high temperatures experienced in the 12th century.
Yet this possibility is causing great concern. It has generated a host of individuals and industries worried by the scenario of a world that seems a degree or two away from virtual annihilation. The bruising sweep of El Nino, a regular occurrence of disturbed weather patterns on our planet, aided the alarm.
Hurricanes, storms, volcanoes, record temperatures seemed to back up
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