Global Warming: Fact or Fiction

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Global Warming: Fact or Fiction
Lower Capstone – Unit 3 Independent Project
Rozlynn Mundy
American InterContinental University Online
July 4, 2010

Title: Global Warming: Fact or Fiction
Introduction I. Overview of Global Warming A. Signs of global warming a. Support b. Skepticism II. Effects of Global Warming A. Contributors to global a. Manmade b. Natural

The information found in this paper is designed to raise awareness of the ongoing debate surrounding global warming. The paper will provide readers with a clear description of global warming and signs recognized by those that believe it exist. It will address the same description and signs from the
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Effects of global warming
Scientists call the trends observed in global warming “fingerprints”. The effects of global warming are referred to as harbingers (warnings of future events) indicative of future impact to earth and humanity (national geographic, 2010). The harbingers of global warming have been noted as: growths in disease rates; changes in animal’s migration and habitats; frequent and strengthening storm activity and increased wild fires related to decreased precipitation (2010).

Contributors to Global Warming
Greenhouse gases and the earth’s temperature have fluctuated at a steady pace throughout scientific history, except in recent decades. Many believe that the advances of the industrial age contributed to the greenhouse effect (national geographic, 2010). This argument is rooted in the belief that global warming is man-made and caused by such things as air pollution and industrial waste (2010).
What has humanity done to pollute the air and our eco-system? Humans use coal, oil, gas and other organic compounds to produce energy. Burning these resources, called fossil fuels, increase the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. This is what makes them contributors to global warming (national geographic, 2010).
The detractors of global warming as a fact can also provide reasons to support their belief that global warming is a natural event. Using historical trending data, provided by scientists throughout the years,
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