Global Warming: Fallacy or Truth Essays

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Over 35 years ago, climatologist Wally Broecker coined the term global warming in a paper outlining the trends that he was noticing with temperature and C02 levels (Stefan). Ever since then, the debate has heated up on the controversy of global warming. Politicians have even used the issue to boost their campaigns. Some question whether the earth’s temperature is rising at an unusual rate. Scientists perform experiments from glacial ice to observe the correlation between carbon dioxide levels and temperature. Scientists have changed the debate over the years from debating whether global warming was actually happening to the current debate about what is causing global warming. Therefore, the term global warming in this paper refers to …show more content…
Binding to a strict set of guidelines to measure weather temperature observation sites compiled by a department of the US government, a volunteer group found that 69% of the 1003 sites across the United States had a 2-degree or more error rating (Watts). In other words, these sites included the following: abundant vegetation close to the site and/ or being close to any artificial heating source which the list is incredibly liberal. Moreover, there is even the lingering problem that these observation sites aren’t evenly distributed across the world and equally important, the number of sites has been decreasing drastically since 1970 (McKitrick). Human produced carbon dioxide mainly caused by the burning of natural resources and deforestation has caused the earth’s temperature to rise (Spahni). The carbon dioxide adds to a problem known as the greenhouse effect. Greenhouse effect is the building up of different gases in the earth’s atmosphere causing the earth’s temperature to rise. Consequently, the key players in the greenhouse effect are as follows: water vapor 36-70%, carbon dioxide 9-26%, methane 4-9%, and ozone 3-7% (Russel). Thus, to determine the amount of CO2 and other gases that have been in the atmosphere in the past, ice core samples are taken and examined. There are ice core samples taken from as far back as 650,000 years ago (Siegenthaler). There has
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