Global Warming Has Become A National Distraction

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It would be a rare week indeed without hearing about global warming on the television or radio, or reading about it in a magazine or an online blog. There have been many opinions from an abundance of points of view on the subject. Scientists, politicians, and environmentalists have all weighed in on the debate, and each of them is passionate about their beliefs. Some issues brought about due to global warming are polar ice caps melting, glaciers receding more and more each year, and rising ocean levels. These problems can lead to dwindling food supplies, fewer drinking water sources, and coastal flooding, to name a few (Miller 58). Essentially, the primary issue with global warming is whether humans are causing the planet’s climate to warm to damaging levels. Contrary to what the mainstream and social media would lead people to believe, global warming is most likely a natural cycle that planet Earth witnesses.
Considering that politicizing global warming has become a national distraction, much of the discussion has become vague as to what is even at the core of the debate. To comprehend the debate about global warming, one needs to understand the definition of global warming. Global warming is the average temperature increase of the Earth’s oceans and atmosphere over the last century. The U.S. National Academy of Sciences says the Earth’s temperature has gone up one degree Fahrenheit over the last one hundred years (Miller 56). Much of the deliberation about global
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