Global Warming: Human Activity vs. Natural Cycles

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Global warming has been a major concern and has greatly affected the environment around the world for years. Andrew Revkin stated in a New York Times article entitled “A Closer Look at Climate Panel’s Findings on Global Warming Impacts” that climate change throughout the 21st century will lead to increases in ill-health in many regions, as compared to a baseline without climate change. There have been a number of debates regarding this controversial topic, though most of the scientific community can recognize the existence of global warming. Many often question if this effect on the environment is caused by human activity or natural cycles. About 95 percent of scientific studies prove that global warming is essentially caused by man.…show more content…
The Medieval Warm period was a time of warm temperature in the North Atlantic that that began around 950 AD and has also been proven to show that other climate related circumstances may have been involved with this event. The Little Ice Age was a period of cool climate following the Medieval Warm Period. Global Warming has affected many different aspects of the environment including the increased ocean temperature, coral reef bleaching, the rising of sea level, increased droughts, and the melting of ice endangering the lives of polar bears. Increased ocean temperature has numerous shocking consequences including rise in sea level which can end up deluging coastal habitats, eroding of the shoreline, and causing stronger storms. Because warm water can change to vapor more quickly, causing what started as a small storm to turn into one much more powerful and can create storms such as hurricanes and tsunamis. As Dan Murphy stated in his article entitled “Is Global Warming Generating Storms like Typhoon Haiyan” that the analysis does not indicate significant long-period global or individual basin trends in the frequency or intensity of landfalling (tropical cyclones) of minor or major hurricane strength. Warmer oceans have also been found to spread diseases between marine life more easily and have been known to cause ice to melt leading to the collapsing of polar ice shelves. As you can see, a solution in how we are

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