Essay on Global Warming: Implications on Public Health

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Theories of global warming surfaced in the nineties as the decade proved to be the warmest on record. Since then, nations have come together to attempt to reverse the effects, if that is at all possible. Some refused and some have made great strides in the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions hoping that this will lead a reversal in the direction of the temperature pattern.

Many nations have a great stake in the future of the World’s climate, as it is the dictator of our very existence. The nations with the most stake in threats of sea level rising and destructive weather tend to be those whose economies are already weak or teetering. Haughty nations with vast resources such as the United States have a little more time to
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The topic has become even more unsettled with the arrival of George Bush into office. Only a few months into his term he pulled the United States out of a three-year summit on reducing carbon dioxide emissions. These Kyoto Protocol talks were a meeting of 160 nations who willingly discussed cutting emissions at the cost to their own economy. The US was the first to pull out, not only citing concern for the economy, but also lack of evidence, so to speak. Bush had the National Academy of Sciences review dire findings by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Meanwhile, the Bush-Cheney administration enacted an energy policy, which called for the increased burning of fossil fuels, which are believed to be a key factor in Global Warming. This action, from the nation that consumes most of the world’s energy and creates most of the world’s waste angered many, domestic and abroad. Factoid 1: The U.S. produces more carbon dioxide emissions than any other country in the world. (Source: International Energy Agency via UNEP (W2))

Relevance of the topic

Global warming is such a concern to so many because it is predicted to cause major global changes, which will lead to a change in the world as we know it. Some coastal cities and countries will no longer be, other countries will be partly swallowed by a swelling sea, productive lands will become desserts, frozen lands will become lush producers, weather will wreak havoc on third
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