Global Warming In Cuba Essay

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Global Warming in Cuba

The discovery of fossil fuels led to times of intense economic and social globalization, as well as several advances in scientific knowledge. With these advanced technologies humans could create and do more than at any other point in history. Because of these fossil fuels, the world is how it is today. But these technologies have a setback. In recent decades, human activities have released ever-greater volumes of greenhouse gases into earth’s atmosphere, enough to affect global climate.
Global warming is a major issue in Cuba. Global warming affects Cuba’s climate in many ways. Sea level rise, lack of food, and loss of biodiversity are the three main issues Cuba faces. If we continue to let the environment deteriorate,
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One effect of global warming is sea level rise. Water expands when it is warmer. Because of the overall temperature increase on Earth, the oceans are expanding and therefore causing the sea levels to rise.
The increase in temperature in Earth’s oceans also affects the marine life in cuba. Marine life in the oceans are affected by the temperature increase in oceans. One example of this is corals. Corals are largely being affected because of global warming. Coral bleaching is a huge issue in the world. When water is too warm, corals expel algae living in the tissues causing the coral to turn completely white. This is called coral bleaching. In 2005, the Caribbean lost over half of its coral reefs in one year due to a massive bleaching event.
Another effect of global warming is the extreme weather events, such as heat waves, prolonged period of drought , and heavy rains. Potable water and fertile land will be scarcer and biodiversity will be diminished.

Issues Sea Level Rise: Because of sea level rise, some parts of Cuba will be submerged underwater. The risk is so severe that scientist predict the potential loss of as many as 122 towns along the nation's coast. According to Cuba’s Ministry of Science, over 2 percent of the country could be submerged by
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