Global Warming Is A Global Problem

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The reason why, I decided to focus on global warming is because it doesn’t just affect one person it affects everyone as a national crisis. Numerous individuals don’t believe in global warming, but to scientist this is a big dilemma. In the article, “closer looks at climate change, it’s specified that these issues are not new, they have been around forever” (Schmidt, 2010). “In the article the real case against activist global warming, has gotten the response of the president of the United States” (Schmidt, 2010). “Obama has stated, this problem is real” (Schmidt, 2010). So, perhaps for this political fact coming from our current president, will have the effects in human change of individual’s views.
“According to Stefan Rahmstorf, he indicates that scientist do believe in global warming know a day, because of massive climate changes” (Schmidt, 2010). Individuals believe that global warming comes from one thing only, but it actually comes from many different gases. “There is carbon dioxide, water vapor, choroflurorcarbons, methane, and nitrogen dioxide” (Stojanovic, Pejovic &Milosevic, 2013). “According to the Hub Page explanation, is that carbon dioxide is admitted into our atmosphere from cement” (Eswar, 2010). Human’s put various amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which has caused global warming, and health problems. First off, cement is one of the factors of carbon atoms released into the atmosphere from carbonated rocks. “Cement is a main function in

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