Global Warming Is A Global Threat Essay

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Globalization refers to the collective process of interaction and integration among different companies, people, governments, and firms of different nations; it is driven by international trade and made easier by information technology. Fundamentally, globalization is a global movement that fosters interconnectivity and interdependence across nations; its evidence is the current increase in global supply chains all over the globe (Appelbaum and Lichtenstein 2006) Naturally, globalization is usually known for spreading civilization, medical modernizations , technology, and knowledge to even the most remote places of the planet, therefore fostering the development of the world. Nevertheless, it has also been implicated as one of the leading causes of global warming. By definition, global warming is the gradual elevation of the earth’s atmosphere due to the accumulation of air pollutants such as carbon dioxide and chlorofluorocarbons, which consequently elicit the greenhouse effect (Goldstein 2007, p. 398). Inherently, global warming is currently the most urgent concern of the international community; unless it is regulated promptly, and reversed, the extinction of the human race is guaranteed. In such a manner, those involved in environmental conservation have been adamant to determine the cause of the problem, in order to understand and mitigate it effectively (Goldstein 2007, p. 41). Correspondingly, one of the posited causes of global warming is globalization itself; this

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