Global Warming Is A Myth, And At The Recent Summit

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Despite scientific evidence that the Earth’s temperatures have risen by 0.8 degrees Celsius in the last century, many still believe that Global Warming is a myth, and at the recent summit in Copenhagen, world leaders could not agree on a solution. Does a solution require a united approach? Discuss.

To say that a united approach to global warming is not required is just ridiculous. It is clear we are leaving a much greater carbon and greenhouse footprint on planet Earth than we should be. This essay will explore the effects of climate change and why we need to come together to move towards a greener and cleaner future for our planet and all species inhabiting Earth.

While information on the subject of global warming is often contradictory, a vast majority state that global warming is caused by natural occurrences and has been occurring for billions of years before humans were even here, while others believe it is in fact human-induced. Active scientists are in agreement that humans are the main reason for earth’s rapid climate. A very clear sign that global warming is becoming a more pressing issue caused by human activity is the continuing increase of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere, especially over the past 70 years. For over 600,000 years the carbon dioxide levels remained under 300ppm, however in 1960 the carbon dioxide levels reached 350ppm and are currently over 380ppm and is increasing by about 2 ppm per year. With a large and noticeable rise in the
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