Global Warming Is A Problem

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Abstract Global warming is a dilemma; it is a debatable issue between a fact and a theory, between approval and disapproval and between having advantages and disadvantages. Endless questions that have indefinite answers arise to a man’s mind when just tackling the idea of the global warming.
Many people do not take in consideration the environmental issues, their main interests lie behind thinking about their personal lives and needs. Only few who think about the environment they‘re living in.
Is it a real growing problem having evidence? , or by looking at the history of the climate change, is it just an environmental condition that will pass by causing some dramatic changes to the climate?
Keywords Climate Change, Existence and Non-Existence of Global Warming, Greenhouse Effect, Sea Level Rise,
Global Temperature Rise, Global Warming Consequences, Environmental Skepticism, Global Warming Solutions.
1. Introduction
Does global warming issue worth our attention?,
Scientists worked hard to reach an answer, amazingly all of the answers were found in nature as Albert Arnold "Al" Gore,
Jr. said, “The ice has stories to tell us “referring to analyzing pole’s ice layers process.
In 1824, The French physicist Joseph Fourier showed the relation between earth’s atmosphere and its temperature.
Moreover, the US scientist Wallace Broecker firstly introduced the term “global warming” in a scientific paper.
Although effects of climatic changes are strongly noticed around us, some people…

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